WARNING: This site is not updated anymore. Most of the information is outdated and it is likely that many of the links are dead.

This site is dedicated to research and tools on Transactional Memory (TM). It is also the home of the open-source (GPL) TM software developed as part of our research activities.

  • LSA-STM: A time-based, multi-version Software Transactional Memory implementation in Java.
  • TinySTM: A lightweight and efficient Software Transactional Memory implementation in C.
  • TMunit: A testing tool for Transactional Memories.
  • TMJava: A preprocessing tool for integrating transactional memory in the Java language through language extensions.
  • CSTMF: An STM implementation for the CLR.

These tools do not yet offer a complete set of features but do work in a lot of scenarios. We are also continuously adding features and we try to incorporate recent research results. If you are interested in Transactional Memory, we encourage you to use these tools and to think about how you could use transactions in your program to more easily cope with parallelization and synchronization problems. If something does not work as expected, please let us know. The research community needs your feedback.

A large portion of this software was developed as part of the VELOX project funded by the European Commission under FP7.

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