Try out SPLAY!

You can try our online demonstration SPLAY deployment below.


The SPLAYlab deployment is running on the PlanetLab testbed. It provides restricted access to a sample SPLAY test application (a crowd of peers exchanging pair-wise helloworld messages), using a representative subset of SPLAY's functionalities. Feel free to create an account and explore the web-based interface of Splay! Contact us if you wish to obtain an account with unrestricted access.

5/11/2014 - The SPLAYLab is currently down for maintenance.

18/01/2012 - The SPLAYLab is back online.

16/01/2012 - The SPLAYLab is down for maintenance. Please retry later.

22/07/2011 - The SPLAYLab is back online.

11/07/2011 - We're currently updating the demo machines, please try later !..