Model Calibration and Quantification of Predictive Uncertainty Using PEST

Dr. John Doherty (author of PEST)

September 15-19, 2008 - Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Stochastic Hydrogeology Group,
Centre for Hydrogeology,University of Neuchâtel

Course Attendee Information

Practitioners from a wide range of backgrounds will benefit from this course, whether new to PEST or with previous PEST experience.

To get the most out of the course, attendees should have modelling experience, preferably in the groundwater or surface water disciplines. Hands-on labs are GUI-independent and cover a variety of modelling disciplines, so that anyone interested in model calibration, parameter optimization, or the analysis of numerical model uncertainty could attend. Experience in working at the command line level is an advantage in doing the workshops.

However, whether or not you are a modeller you can still benefit from the course because the concepts explained in this course are vital to an understanding of the role of modelling in environmental management.

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