Model Calibration and Quantification of Predictive Uncertainty Using PEST

Dr. John Doherty (author of PEST)

September 15-19, 2008 - Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Stochastic Hydrogeology Group,
Centre for Hydrogeology,University of Neuchâtel


The program is held in English. A detailed program is provided here.

DAY 1 (September, 15th)

Morning. Introduction to models. Geological modelling
Afternoon (lab). Basic tools for hydrofacies delineation.

DAY 2 (September, 16th)

Morning. Introduction to non-linear parameter estimation (Lab.) Hands-on exercise calibrating a basic storage model
Afternoon. Fundamentals of PEST: the implementation of nonlinear parameter estimation theory within PEST.

DAY 3 (September, 17th)

Morning. The use of PEST in the groundwater modeling context - flow and transport (Lab) Hands-on exercise - choice of prepared case studies for groundwater and surface modelling, or attendees' own studies.
Afternoon. Use of Pilot Points and Regularization in Groundwater Modeling

DAY 4 (September, 18th)

Morning. Introduction to Predictive Uncertainty Analysis. (Lab.) Exercise of your choice
Afternoon. Regression based modelling of groundwater flow in heterogeneous media

DAY 5 (September 19th)

Morning. Advanced Linear Predictive Uncertainty Analysis. (Lab.) Exercise of your choice
Afternoon. Advanced Nonlinear Predictive Uncertainty Analysis

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