August 27 to September 3, 2009, Neuchâtel, Switzerland CUSO UNINE CHYN

3D geometrical modeling for geological interpretation and mapping

Workshop Schedule

DAY 1 (August, 27th)

The first day will be devoted to a theoretical introduction of 3D geologogical modelling by P. Renard and G. Courrioux with a special emphasis on the principle and the mathematics of the implicit method used in 3D geomodeller given by J.-P. Chiles. Some examples and demonstrations will illustrate the method.

DAY 2 (August, 28th)

Morning. Hands-on exercise with geomodeller 3D to learn the basic steps in creating a 3D model.

Afternoon. Field excursion. Presentation of the local geology and sedimentology. Introduction to data acquisition.

DAY 3 to DAY 7 (August, 29th - to September, 2nd )

Work in groups of 3 participants. Mapping and data acquistion followed by 3D modelling in the afternoons and evenings every day. Group discussions: exchange of experiences, problems, and solutions. Evening sessions from the teaching staff with presentations related either to the geology of the area or to the modeling aspects.

DAY 8 (September, 3rd)

Wrap-up of the workshop. Presentation of the results by the participants and group discussion. Closing ceremony.

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Teaching staff

Prof. Philippe Renard
Dr. Gabriel Courrioux
Prof. Jean-Paul Chiles
Prof. Neil Mancktalow
Prof. Thierry Adatte
Prof. Eva Schill
Dr. Anna Sommaruga
Dr. Geoffrey Ruiz
Andrea Borghi
Dr. Pierre-Yves Jeannin
Dr Urs Eichenberger



The course will be given in english.