August 27 to September 3, 2009, Neuchâtel, Switzerland CUSO UNINE CHYN

3D geometrical modeling for geological interpretation and mapping

Workshop objective

The main objective of the workshop is to enable the participants to build a 3D geological model while acquiring field data. The construction of the model is seen as a tool facilitating the interaction between the field work and the interpretation of the data. It is not a separated step that should be conducted when all the field data have been aquired.

The workshop includes therefore both field mapping in the Jura close to Neuchâtel (vallée des Ponts), coding of the data, and construction of a 3D model with the 3D Geomodeller software.

Furthermore, the course is designed to be a real workshop with a large part of exchanges between the participants and the teaching staff. All participants (modellers, field geologists, or mathematicians) are expected to learn from the expertise of the others with the common objective to better understand the geological structure of the site.

3D Geomodeller

3D Geomodeller is a tool developed jointly by the BRGM and the australian company Intrepid Geophysics. The software allows the construction of 3D geological models from field observations and interpretation.

Its originality lies in the use of an implicit method in which the limits between the different geological objects are not modelled explicitely but are modelled as the iso-surface of an underlying potential.

All the method is based on a mathematical technique allowing the interpolation of the potential from all available field data. More details about the software and its advantages are described on its web site.

Teaching staff

Prof. Philippe Renard. University of Neuchâtel. Hydrogeologist with long experience in 3D modeling and its application in applied geology.

Dr. Gabriel Courrioux. BRGM Orléans. Structural geologist. A pionner in 3D geological modelling. One of the first initiator of the 3D geomodeller software project.

Prof. Jean-Paul Chiles. Mines ParisTech. Geostatistician. One of the experts involved in the theoretical developments on which the implicit method is based.

Dr. Thierry Adatte. University of Lausanne. Sedimentologist and geochemist. Knows very well the region and will help the participants identify the main geological units in the field.

Prof. Neil Mancktelow. ETH Zürich. Structural geologist. One of the Swiss promoters of 3D geometrical modelling for the geological interpretation of complex structures.

Prof. Eva Schill. University of Neuchâtel. Geologist and head of the geothermics group. She is using 3D modelling in the framework of deep geothermal projects.

Dr. Anna Sommaruga University of Lausanne. Structural geologist. Specialist of the regional tectonics of regions such as the Jura ore more generally foreland basins.

Dr. Geoffrey Ruiz University of Neuchâtel. Field and structural geologist. Specialist of tectonic uplift and evaluation of denudation rate.

Andrea Borghi. University of Neuchâtel. PhD students in the group of Philippe Renard. He has built recently a 3D model of the Vallée des Ponts with the 3D geomodeller software.

Dr Pierre-Yves Jeannin. Head of the Swiss Institute of Speleology and Karstology. Has been working on the hydrogeology of the region for years and has also extensive experience with 3D geological models.

Dr Urs Eichenberger. Swiss Institute of Speleology and Karstology, collaborator at the Geophysical Institute, university Lausanne. Geologist with long experience of carbonate environments and basin modelling, seismic interpretation tools and structural oil field modelling. Construction of small and large scale geological 3D models.

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