August 27 to September 3, 2009, Neuchâtel, Switzerland CUSO UNINE CHYN

3D geometrical modeling for geological interpretation and mapping

Workshop Summary

The Stochastic Hydrogeology Group of the Centre of Hydrogeology of the University of Neuchatel (CHYN) is pleased to announce the workshop: 3D geometrical modeling for geological interpretation and mapping.

The aim of this course is to teach the participants how to build a 3D geological model and how to use this tool to improve geological mapping and interpretation.

During the workshop, the students will collect data, format them, build a geological interpretation and a 3D model. They will also face issues such as scale problems, quantification of uncertainty, and validation of models.

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Teaching staff

Prof. Philippe Renard
Dr. Gabriel Courrioux
Prof. Jean-Paul Chiles
Prof. Neil Mancktalow
Prof. Thierry Adatte
Prof. Eva Schill
Dr. Anna Sommaruga
Dr. Geoffrey Ruiz
Andrea Borghi
Dr. Pierre-Yves Jeannin
Dr Urs Eichenberger



The course will be given in english.