Laboratory for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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Botany Institute , Biology Section, University of Neuchâtel
last modification September17th, 2004

Research projects:

Targeting of vacuolar proteins in plants
Redox regulation in chloroplasts
Systemic induced resistance and priming
NCCR project on disease resistance in grapevine
Minor projects
Second sphere coordination (guest group)

Presentation of the staff

Our staff is responsable for teaching introductory biochemistry (lectures and laboratory courses) to all first-year medical and biology students, as well as to second-year pharmacy students and third-year chemistry students. In addition, we teach enzymology and molecular biology to third-year biologists. We also offer them courses on subjects varying from year to year.

Map of the laboratory. email addresses are , without accents

Major research projects and corresponding staff :

Vacuolar targeting, Redox regulation, Systemic induced resistance, Grapevine disease resistance, minor projects, Second sphere coordination
Supporting staff and apprentices, former members of the laboratory

Targeting of Vacuolar Proteins

from left: Jeannine, Olivier, Doramys, Jean-Marc, Ilian.

Sophie Ricardo Hamid

Redox Regulation in Chloroplasts

Peter Schürmann, associate professor (tel 2206, peter.schurmann@...), retired since october 2003, but very much present

Systemic Induced Resistance and priming

Web page of the Swiss Society for Phytiatry (SGP)

NCCR project on grapevine diseases

The collaborators within this laboratory are:

From left: Jurrian Ton (now in Utrecht, NL,, Laurent Barnavon (now in Dijon, F,, Jean-Marc, Hamid, Brigitte

Minor research projects:

Supporting staff of the laboratory

Former collaborators

Jean-Marc Neuhaus (Email : jean-marc.neuhaus@...)