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Sequence databases and molecular biology sites



embnet server
Advanced BLAST
Sequence analysis
WWW2GCG Main Window


Sequence retrieval: SRS6
Search by homology: Fasta, Blast
Search by Sequence homology
MultAlign (Coppet, Toulouse)

NIG (Japan) Fasta, Blast

Bioweb at Pasteur (Logiciels pour la biologie)
BCM Search Launcher: outils de recherche, alignements,
analyses de séquences
Gene finder (Sanger), Plasmidmap
Blocks WWW Server
CODEHOP (COnsensus-DEgenerate Hybrid Oligonucleotide Primers) Server
MIPS Browser

Links from the Plant Physiology Lab Neuchâtel
Codon Usage Database
KAOS: Entrance

ClustalX Help
Bioportal (U. Singapore), including Clustal, Align, WebPhylip and TRES (Transcription Regulatory Element Search)
Sequence manipulation suite
SeqWeb Sequence Analysis
Biology Workbench (San Diego): protein, nucleic, alignment, structure tools

BioEdit (sequence alignment tool for Windows)
pDRAW32 (DNA analysis tools for Windows)
Genamics SoftwareSeek,
C.elegans WWW Server
C.elegans at Sanger
TIGR: The Institute for Genomic Research
List of sequenced genomes)
Ensembl Genome Server
Genamics GenomeSeek
Genome Databases at NAL
Stanford Genomic Resources
Genomic research at Wheaton College

Pasteur, PHYLIP

Proteins (ExPaSy)

UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, UniProt
recherche Full-Text, SRS, par AC dans UniParc
Translate sequence, BLAST, T-Coffee & ClustalW

Protein Prowler (signal peptide prediction)
Protein lounge (proteins, pathways, transcription factors, kinases/phosphatases, siRNA, etc)
MUSCLE (protein multiple alignment)
LOBSTER (protein sequence analysis)
Pfam (Protein Families)
Salle de modélisation et d'imagerie (Jussieu), including Hydrophobic Cluster Analysis

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Databases and web pages for plants


GARNET, genomic arabidopsis resource network
TAIR (The Arabidopsis Information Resource)
AAtDB World Wide Web Home Page
Arabinet (Harvard)
Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre Home Page
The TIGR plant databases
Agrikola (systematic RNAi knockouts)
MPSS database
NetPlantGene Server (Denmark)


International Grape Genome Program (IGGP;
Staatliches Weinbauinstitut Freiburg
Bundesanstalt für Züchtungsforschung an Kulturpflanzen (BAFZ)
National Wine & Grape Industry Center
NYSAES Grape genetics (S.Reisch) with links to other ressources
CPCG Research (Grape genomics, ESTs)
Downy Mildew
Agroscope Changins Wädenswil
Physcomitrella in PhyscoBase

The Legume Information System

Rice-Research (Monsanto)
International Rice Genome Sequencing Program (IRGSP)

Barley, Wheat, Physcomitrella (NIG in Japan),
ESTs for other plants
Solanaceae Genomics Network (SGN)
Poplar (JGI Populus v1.0)

Plants in general

Network in Plant Sciences of Western Switzerland (NEPSWISS)
The American Society of Plant Biologists
MRC LMB Home Page
Plant Bioscience Limited
CGIAR Research Centers
Plant Functional Genomics Research Group (RIKEN, Japan)
The Plant Specific Database
Mendel (Europe)
Plant Gene Register Index
PPMdb (14-May-1998)
T-DNA insertion mutagenesis
Norwich Research Park - John Innes Centre
Agricultural Genome Information Server (AGIS)
SPRIG (Specialized Plant Resources for Informatics and Genomics)
Biology and Control of Crown Gall (Agrobacterium tumefaciens)
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Green Fluorescent Protein

Structure of GFP (Phillips, Rice University, Houston)

A diaporama on fluorescence, pigments, light sources, variants of GFP (University of Cologne)

A homepage on GFP would be incomplete without de Jim Haseloff's homepage and his movies. 

He has an impressive collection of GFP-tagged genes involved in the development of Arabidopsis roots.

Don't miss it!

Alba, the GFP bunny

see Eduardo Kac and his "Transgenic Art"

Molecular Motion Movies in yeast (e.g.Sec3p)
(Novick, Yale) and yeast links
Kerry Bloom's homepage (Stanford) including yeast methods and GFP movies, on nuclear segregation, centromeres, etc GFP Applications Page  with many links!
(Wallace Marshall, Yale University)
Newsgroup on fluorescent proteins

BD's Fluorescence Spectrum Viewer

Organelle Biology (Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz) with movies on ER-to-Golgi, effects of BFA, etc. A GFP Resource Page for Teachers
Chris Hawes in Oxford (UK) uses GFP fusions to study ER and Golgi trafficking in plants. He has even produced movies of plant Golgi apparatus traffic. Soluble derivatives of GFP for use in Arabidopsis thaliana (Vierstra, Madison, Wisconsin) Protein Purification Course with GFP at Rutgers

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Various links (offices, organisations, universities)

Swiss Academic and Research Network (Switch)
Swiss Research Teams Index, Swiss Portal for Research and Innovation
Autorités fédérales
CSST (= SWTR) Conseil Suisse de la Science et de la Technologie
SER (ancien OFES, allemand SBF) Secrétariat d'Etat à l'education et à la recherche
Bourses pour étudiants étrangers
OFEFP (= BUWAL) Office Fédéral de l'Environnement, des Forêts et du Paysage,
page de biotechnologie
CUSConférence universitaire suisse
Fonds national de la Recherche Scientifique
Universités de Berne, Neuchâtel, Genève, Fribourg, Zürich, Bâle, Lausanne, St. Gall
Ecoles polytechniques fédérales de Lausanne (EPFL) et Zürich (ETHZ
Académie Suisse des Sciences Naturelles (SCNAT)
Union Suisse des Sociétés de Biologie Expérimentale (USSBE / USGEB)
Société Suisse de Biologie Cellulaire, Moléculaire et Génétique (BCMG)
3e cycle romand
en sciences biologiques
CUSO Conférences des Universités de Suisse Occidentales (formulaires)
Euresearch: Réseau d'information suisse sur la collaboration européenne dans la recherche
Cordis (Community Research&Development Information Service)
Research at the European Community
European Patent Office
6e Programme Cadre (FP6)
EPSO (European Plant Science Organisation)
ELSO (European Life Scientist Organisation)
EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organisation) Job opportunities
FESPP (Federation of European Societies of Plant Physiology)
IUBMB (International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
ISPMB (International Society of Plant Molecular Biology)
ASPB (American Society of Plant Biologists) members-only
FASEB (Federation of American Societies of Experimental Biology)
ASBMB (American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

Liste of Universities world-wide( MIT)

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